We are based out of a 200-square meter warehouse in Melbourne’s Inner West. We boast some of the best equipment available in the world including Eleiko competition-approved barbells, calibrated weight plates and squat/bench combination racks.

We are dedicated to providing only the highest quality training environment giving each of our members the best opportunity to reach their highest potential and prepare them as well as possible for competition.

Some of our equipment includes:

1,660kg of Competition calibrated Eleiko discs

5 Competition Eleiko Powerlifting Barbells

6 Competition Rogue Powerlifting Barbells

1 Competition Samtek Powerlifting Barbell

4 Competition Eleiko Squat/Bench Press combination racks

2 Stand-alone Squat Stands

2 Force USA Competition standard Bench Presses

Dumbbells up to 50kg

2 Adjustable Incline/Decline benches

1 Dedicated Incline Bench Press Station

SMAI Glute Ham Developer

Aussie Strength Safety Squat Bar

20kg Duffalo (Bent) Bar

20kg Swisse Bar

5-Stack Cable machine with cable-crossover